Z Questions

Yes. The remuneration process is the following:

  1. We estimate before the start of the project, the number of days required.
  2. We use Toggle.com to register all hours of all team members.
  3. We share the record of worked hours at the end of each month
  4. Knowing that you are working with high-end profiles and CEOs (who also have their own companies), you can donate the amount you feel fair.
  5. This amount will be splitted between all members involved in the project depending on the number of hours they recorded. Simple.
  6. We issue an invoice with the donation amount to justify your payment in your own accounting.

The following elements are not included in the donation and should be fully invoiced:

  • Travel expenses (pre-agreed with the client company)
  • Third-party invoices (specific web design agencies wanted by the client for instance)

The team has more than 20 entrepreneurs, CEOs and top freelance specialists. So we work like this:

  1. We setup a skype call or we meet in person (Berlin, Geneva, Lisbon, Paris…)
  2. We start by giving a training if necessary (especially on Blockchain topics) and then we assess the issue.
  3. The team assesses the amount of work in days and the number of talents to involve
  4. We send you the estimate number of days.
  5. We agree on the scope of work, the schedule and the objectives
  6. We start working in partnership with you or your team(s)
  7. We deliver (see methodology below)
  8. We assess together the value of the solution we brought.
  9. We deliver an end-of-mission assessment sheet.

1. We observe

We assess your internal processes and needs, with your team. Then we define the scope, the questions and the methodology.

2. We design solutions

The Team will prepare a solution or help you innovate, using the agile method. It will be tested, improved by cycles and then fully implemented.

3. We train & optimize

We are efficiency oriented, onboarding your team is part of the design process. At the end we train them, and automatize together.

We are a slef-organized network of entrepreneurs and CEOs, in several cities. We wanted to bring value to different types of projects, with a clear business model. The donation business model eventually gave us the possibility to work with mid & large companies, as well as with social entrepreneurs and NGOs.

  1. Companies with digital challenges: digital transformation or innovation
  2. Companies with digital growth issues: digital strategy & marketing
  3. Social entrepreneurs improving a business model.
  4. Social entrepreneurs structuring their companies digitally around beneficiaries and clients
  5. NGOs who are open to get digitally challenged to improve either their impact or their donations. We know that not all NGOs like to get challenged 😉

The team is based on a network of friends and doers, who love working on innovation and finding solutions. Because it is our passion, we also do it in our free time. We all have our own projects, companies, teams, but we wanted to work together on bringing value in the field of digital strategy.

Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions.

Megan Smith.

For each project a team is built:

  • Because unlike digital agencies we use all required competencies
  • Because our time is limited depending on the period
  • Because we believe we should work on projects we personally love

Therefore the team will be probably 2 or 3 core persons, helped by specific competencies when required.

All team members have signed an NDA related to all projects they are working on. Our standard contract contains an NDA.

We ensure that there is no conflict of interest between your company and our members personal projects. Their identity will be communicated to you before they start working, and each of them will be legally bound with all information they could access during the project.



Let’s bring value only to the projects we love.


We are not consultants, we also have projects.


Remote team work, transparent work.


Have you experienced strategic responsabilities as an innovative entrepreneur or a CEO ? We want to understand our clients journey.


Do you have specific technical competences ? Do you have an intimate knowledge of the latest digital strategy innovations ? Our clients want us because we help them staying up-to-date in a very fast changing environment.


Do you have a passion for solving business issues of others? We work besides our own projects to learn even more, that’s what drives us on a daily basis.

Value driven

Do you find business solutions everywhere? Even for your friends? Then you are like us. We struggle with time to help everyone, but together we go further, you know the proverb.


Have you ever managed teams in a fast pace environment? We want to understand how our clients’ team are thinking and what is holding them.

Not money driven

Our business model is donation based. It means that sometimes you will work for a very low remuneration, because we can bring a lot of value to a not-so-wealthy-yet client. Of course we will make sure that our clients are not abusing of the team neither.

Be aware that some missions may take some time. Be prepared to deliver if you are in.

Make sure your own projects can not be a threat for any of our clients. We wouldn’t like it neither for our own projects.

No consulting BS. No fancy slide deck, we bring innovative concepts, we test and iterate, fast, to bring as much value as possible.

We have a limited number of projects we can take care of. However writing about your current challenges and questions is already a great help, so do not hesitate to contact us. It’s free and we always answer within 24 hours. Be as precise as you can.

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