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Go-to-Market Strategy
Strategy, Innovation, Product Roadmap
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How to select verticals?
The Go-to-market strategy for TotalYmage required a deep understanding of the technology. Indeed a lot of applications were possible.

The strategy was created as a 2-steps project: First the B2B focus, and then a B2C public as a SaaS application.

The goal was to simplify the sale roadmap and to anticipate client adoption rate.

What product development roadmap?

The challenge was to initiate a product roadmap that could fit the first sale need and then create the conditions for a B2C approach.

A full audit of the development capacities and need was conducted.

How to launch an innovative technology?

Such an immersive state-of-the-art technology has to find its market-fit. The strategy challenge was to define the ideal client(s) and the sales channels.

The result was to create use cases and identify which customer pain points to focus on.

Market Strategy 70%
Product Strategy 68%
Investment Strategy 90%
Planning Strategy 87%

Lionel Crassier, CEO TotalYmage: “I asked for Timothee’s team help to redefine the vision, the strategy and a roadmap for TotalYmage. Concretely the team challenged my convictions and we have redefined together the differentiation and monetisation elements for TotalYmage. With their experiences in business creation and management in the startup and corporate world, the team brought immediately another brand new look and know-how on the questions we had. It is a great asset to benefit from their services.”

The Project in numbers 

An 360° immersive technology to create 360° video stories to communicate, work and sell. A new usage of the internet, fully immersive and interactive. A real challenge and a massive market opportunity.
Months on the project
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competitors analyzed
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