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Accelerating Lead Generation Through Paid Media Campaigns for GreenGo Digital

Engagement and conversion: Insights from our Google & LinkedIn ad campaigns

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Optimising Acquisition: Effective Lead Generation through Targeted Advertising

To help GreenGo’s sales team generate more leads, we developed targeted and impactful paid acquisition campaigns on both Google and LinkedIn. These efforts were strategically designed to maximise reach and effectiveness, ensuring a higher volume of quality leads.

LinkedIn Ads

For LinkedIn, we implemented an agile testing approach to refine GreenGo’s advertising strategy continuously. Through A/B testing, we experimented with various ad formats, lead magnets, and audience segments to identify the most effective combinations. This testing protocol allowed us to understand better which elements resonated most with potential leads. That allowed is to increase engagement and improve the overall campaign performance.

Google Ads

In our Google Ads campaigns for GreenGo, we concentrated on maximising keyword efficiency to optimise spending and improve ad visibility. By focusing on long-tail keywords, we avoided direct competition, enabling us to capture more targeted traffic at a lower cost. This approach not only increased the effectiveness of the ads but also allowed us to adapt our strategies based on performance variations across different countries.

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Benjie of Switzerland Julien Kervio, co-owner

We've worked with 4 experts from ZDigital, in SEO, community management, FB / Google Ads and on adaptations of the site in Swiss German. We've collaborated in many different ways, from project management to coaching and even knowledge transfer. These 2 phrases sum up the strength of the ZDigital concept: everything is possible, everything is flexible! The fact that we can rely on a large network of experts, all working in close cooperation, makes all kinds of bridges possible. You've got a problem, you tell your contact person, who then puts you in touch with the right person in the collective... it's great!

Namaka Nikolay Makharashvili, co-founder

ZDA was a very precious resource in our company to lead and build a digital marketing strategy. From webdesign to digital campaigns through customer experience solutions, ZDA was instrumental to drive all steps leading to success and results. In our specific case, they managed all digital activities to launch successfully Namaka floating center in Geneva. They were strategic and hands-on, which is a great quality to transform ideas and intentions into reality, efficient action plans and great results (revenue, customer acquisition, awareness). ZDA is reliable, positive, efficient and creative. This has been a real pleasure to collaborate with them during 3 years and we highly appreciated their contributions.


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