What are the 6 main trait of entrepreneurs ?
Summary in 6 traits after a digital transformation consulting session in Switzerland.

After a discussion during the House of Beautiful Business Conference in Lisbon, we tried to summarize what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Z Digital Agency Team, during a session of digital transformation consulting in Switzerland, engaged the conversation with other intrapreneurs from the client company. These 6 points are the results of their debate about the main qualities of an entrepreneur:

  • Collaboration: The ability to attract and collaborate with the best people. An entrepreneur has the ability to speak clearly and move the conversation forward.
  • Openness: An entrepreneur can be summarized by his sense of observation, ability to design solutions and execute. Openess is key to generate and collobarate on ideas and solutions.
  • Beginner’s mindset: Everytime it is a new journey. An entrepreneurs never settle with existing ways of doing, constantly testing new paths.
  • Entrepreneurial methods: Whether you call it lean startup or agile methodologies, it all falls down into testing fast, iterating and launching. Not only once, but all the time.
  • Purpose before paycheck: Money is the mean or the indirect result, not the ultimate goal. The entrepreneur want to know why he wakes up every morning. This drive is so powerful that it feels like it can move mountains.
  • Persistence: The entrepreneurial game will be a marathon, not a sprint. With multiple failures along the way. Falling, learning and moving forward with persistence is the ultimate differentiator between entrepreneurs and others.

What do you think ?

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