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Concrete examples of digital agency work done for some clients.

As a web agency, or a marketing agency, in Switzerland, France, Germany, United Kingdom or Austria, we have worked with many industries, from e-commerce to B2B Tech services. Have a look at our collective agency work with some case studies.

Z Digital Agency case studies and reviews
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Z Digital Agency case studies and reviews

What digital agency work has ZDA Collective done ?

Feel free to scroll through our client missions, from tech agency, to AI agency work, as well as a lot of marketing agency and growth agency work.

Some past clients can testify

What do clients say about Z Digital Agency ?

What types of digital agency services do you mainly provide?

We do a lot of R&D in Tech and AI for our clients. Once we have identified the right tech and web tools (tech stack, hosting infrastructure, tracking tools or CMS) we start building the right product for them, following several agile methodologies.

Once launched we build the right acquisition funnels, with a dedicated marketing mix, relevant to the product, client persona and industry. We do not apply the same recipe for all clients. No magic trcik, just experience, hypothesis and data here…

Then starts the content creation, the SEO and the advertising campaigns. We focused on ROI, with weekly feedback loops with the client.

Are you a tech agency or a marketing agency ?

We are much more than both of them. The collective is hands-on all digital aspects, from building the tech or AI product, to delivering it to the right audience and then optimizing conversion rates.

If you think our work finishes after the tech agency or marketing agency work is done, you’re wrong. We then focus on developing the brand, the content and lowering the cost of acquisition.

Once all of this is done, we train the team over the mid-term, and leave to another mission.

What results did Z Digital Agency bring to its clients ?

  • Speed & quality in web development: on average it take 5 months to launch a full scale website from the idea to the public launch, including all branding, design,web development, contents, SEO and tracking. Each CMS or code stack is carefully choosen by the team to match clients needs. Our favorite CMS: WordPress (the good old one, mainly for SEO reasons), as well as Django CMS, but most projects relies now on Statamic (WordPress of the future).  For E-commerce: Prestashop, Shopify and other headless CMS are in use by the team. With more than 200 websites and e-commerce created over the last years, we’ve gained some experience…
  • ROI: on average with aim at 900% of Return on Ads Spent (RoAS) for our advertising campaigns
  • SEO: on average we have seen a 300% trafic growth for websites we have been working on
  • Turnover growth: even if each project is different, we have reach 2x to 3x more turnover for clients, when involved in most of the value chain.

What types of digital projects does Z Digital Agency work with ?

  • We are industry and tech agnostic. It means we can jump in whatever the code stack and the industry (except Google prohibited industries, like gambling and drugs).
  • We have a lot of B2C e-commerce clients, where we handle SEO, SEA, content creation, Branding and web developement.
  • We have a lot of B2B clients, where we handle SEO, SEA, funnel optimization, content creation and lead nurturing, as well as branding and web development most of the time.
  • We have created startup from scratch (like for instance), with everything from Tech & AI product to branding and marketing growth.
  • We have been helping large SMEs in training their teams with digital best practices on a lot of themes: from brand workshops, to advanced SEO, specific advertising trainings, as well as tracking and GDPR compliance.

Convinced? Intrigued? let’s jump in a call, to hear your story.

Every mission starts with a free audit session, to understand whether we are the best to answer your needs.

A full service web agency with 3 locations: Switzerland, France, Germany