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Your full-service digital agency for SEOfor web developmentfor brandingfor contentsfor paid advertisingfor Tech for AI tools

A unique digital agency in Switzerland, France and Germany. Check out our web agency and marketing agency services. We take care of your growth from A to Z, because, as entrepreneurs, we believe a full digital strategy requires all planets and data to align, not just one digital brick.

Digital agency for marketing and tech in Switzerland
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What is Z Digital Agency (pretty) good at ?

Check our digital services offer below. These are our areas of digital expertise. Depending on your needs, we build the the right strategy, with one team leader and a flexible team of experts for each phase of your project.

How does a mission with Z Digital Agency work?

From web agency to full-service marketing agency, you get one collective of 40+ senior digital experts, to build the right team at each project phase, for the average cost of 1 FTE.


Do you already have a great product or simply an idea ?

We build a flexible team among 40+ experts, a strategic plan and data to back it up.


We build for you or with you

We help you with each step: web dev, SEO, ads, designs, contents… becoming your digital task force.


We measure and iterate

We track everything, and we strive when being accountable. We work with objectives and ROI.


We train your team

We help you grow and train your team to leave you with in-house capabilities… and fly to the next mission.

How much does it cost to work with Z Digital Agency?

On average you get a full & flexible team of senior entrepreneurs for the equivalent of one full-time employee, with no string attached.

For 1 person full-time

You get a full flexible team
of senior entrepreneurs

Do you need concrete numbers ?

We start to really bring value with budgets from 5’000 CHF/€ per month, with no strings attached.

We strictly focus on maximizing your ROI

No politics. No power points.

We believe in data and sustainable growth. If it can be done better and cheaper, we will tell you, make it for you, or train you.

On average we reach 10x on Return On Ads Spent (ROAS).

On average we stay 2.5 years with our clients, until we’ve fully trained them

On average we are 2x cheaper than doing it in house, due to speed and size of such an expert team.

Some feedbacks from 100+ clients

They have been working with Z Digital Agency for websites, e-commerce, B2B leasd generation, SEO, Branding, contents, Complex Tech solutions or simply got a training with us…

How can I be sure you are the right Digital Agency for me ?

Let’s see if there is a match…

Are you good at all these tech and marketing services ?

By experience, as entrepreneurs, we have seen that real digital growth requires all planets to align: from a top web product or service to a perfect funnel and attractive brand. Therefore we have been searching for top experts in their field all across Switzerland and Europe, we have trained under the same methodology, to provide a coherent and unified digital strategy and execution for your company. Ah also, all our team members have been entrepreneurs, so they’ve been through all possible mistakes before you.

Our tech team is also responsible for the marketing & growth success, under one team leadership, because all planets have to align.

What if I only need a specific digital service ?

Absolutely possible! We always start somewhere, but rest assured we will make sure that the solution you want is coherent with the ROI you’d like to have.

Our job as a full digital agency : make sure you can only get what you need, but also all you need.

Let’s have a chat about it, free of charge, start building for you, and then train you to take it over, in-house, if you’d like.

What are you NOT good at ?

That is a great question! First and foremost, we only work if your idea, product or service is good enough to be recommended by your clients. We are not good at making a half-baked product viral on social media for instance…

We are also not good at politics… As entrepreneurs our time is to be spent on maximizing ROI, not meetings.

We are very good at tracking & numbers, therefore if you don’t want any tracking, we cannot be good at what you want.

Last but not least we are not the best team to handle your daily social media management, because it would not be a good ROI for you.

You are one call away from starting a great story

Every mission starts with a call, then a free audit, to come up with a digital strategy. You decide then whether you’d like to implement it with us, or not.

Your all-in-one digital agency is distributed across 3 main locations: Switzerland, France and Germany