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A collective of 40+ senior experts, acting as a flexible task force for your digital growth, from A to Z

A unique team of flexible and entrepreneurial mindsets, only senior profiles, focused on ROI, handling each phase of your digital journey.

Digital marketing agency team switzerland
senior team members
One team
for tech & growth
No juniors,
ROI focused
Digital marketing agency team switzerland

Z Digital Agency is a real task force for each phase of your digital journey

A collective of serial entrepreneurs, who now help other businesses at each step, from R&D to Tech and digital growth.

How does Z Digital Agency collective work ?


Audit & Work Plan

This is where our experience comes first hand: to get your actual needs and KPIs and design the best solution path for you (technologies, tools, methodologies…)


Setup phase

We build the perfect tools, optimize your product, sales funnels and more, before scaling the approach, and building the next required pool of competencies.


Growth phase

This is where we shine. We focus our effort on scaling your business with a ROI fucosed approach. We tailor the right growth path (branding, advertising, content creation, SEO…) for you to reach your KPIs.


Training phase

Now it is time to build your in-house capabilities for the long term. We train your team so you can become independent from us. We will stay in touch and help you at each milestone, we promise!

Ask our current clients

what they think about our collective digital agency.

What are the digital stuff you’re (really) good at ?


We all have been entrepreneurs, we spend 25% of our time training, and we build the right team for you, among 40+ senior experts, to match all technical requirements of your challenge.

An “agency”, it must cost a fortune!

On average you get a full flexible team of senior entrepreneurs for the equivalent of one full-time employee

For 1 person full-time

You get a full flexible team
of senior entrepreneurs

Do you need concrete numbers ?

We start to really bring value with budgets from 5’000 CHF/€ per month, with no strings attached.

We strictly focus on maximizing your ROI

No politics. No power points.

We believe in data and sustainable growth. If it can be done better and cheaper, we will tell you, make it for you, or train you.

On average we reach 10x on Return On Ads Spent (ROAS).

On average we stay 2.5 years with our clients, until we’ve fully trained them

On average we are 2x cheaper than doing it in house, due to speed and size of such an expert team.

We believe the current agency model is outdated.

A collective of the best experts, with the right team leader, for each diffrent phase of a project, is the future of work.

What is a collective agency ?

In 2018 around 10 entrepreneurs who loved each other’s mindset and competencies decided to find projects to do together. Instead of creating a series of companies, they’ve decided to help other business from Tech R&D to marketing scale-up. They are senior experts, they have other businesses, they want to remain location-free and freelancers, but they are loyal to their customers because it what matters to them, not a work contract.

Why are you unique ?

Over the last few years, we have seen a trend of “collectives” popping-up. Their issue? They can only handle parts of your digital journey, and will therefore push you into their model, because that’s what they know best.

Z Digital Agency is a full-service collective, providing a single mission leadership coupled with a flexible team of experts, at each steps of the growth, because some people and methodologies are more relevant at certain moments of your digital journey. Last but not least, we are entrepreneurs, we act as if it is our own company, as if it is our own money we are spending…

In full transparency we keep 15% of all proceeds inside the collective to pay for our tools, do the bank and invest in our trainings, as well as meet each other.

At Z Digital Agency all department leaders and mission leaders are also shareholders of the collective. It belongs to the people involved in tough strategic decisions for our clients.

Why are you more affordable than a traditional agency ?

At Z Digital Agency, everybody is paid the same price per day of work, no matter is position or specialty. We do not work with juniors that we resell with a markup (aka often the marketing agency model).

With an integrated team, for all required competencies across your project phases, with a single project management, and a clear expertise on what can go wrong in digital projects (based on years and years of experience, as well as 400+ digital projects launched), you get the best for your budget.

Would you like to join Z Digital Agency collective ?

If you have created at least one company, are expert in your domain, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a lot of humility that keeps you learning, then let’s meet !

Try the team, give them a call

It’s free and you can book straight in our calendar.

We work as a decentralized team, because the best experts want to remain location-free, but our basecamps are in 3 locations: Switzerland, France, Germany.