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Your full-service SEO Agency that delivers results.

With a senior team of 10+ SEO experts, our SEO Agency covers all your SEO needs in Switzerland, and Europe. We take care of all 3 pillars of SEO: technical on-page SEO, Content SEO and netlinking, with monthly audits to assess the SEO situation, based on real data.

SEO Agency in Switzerland France and Germany
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Our SEO Agency services in Switzerland and Europe

We handle your SEO needs, from A to Z: technical SEO, Content SEO, Netlinking SEO.

They’ve trusted us as their SEO Agency for Switzerland and Europe.

Why should you work with Z Digital Agency’s team to build a SEO competitive advantage ?

Advanced SEO Strategies tailored for Swiss and European markets

Our mastery of SEO begins with a deep dive into the specifics of the Swiss market and European markets. We tailor our strategies to match the linguistic diversity and cultural nuances, ensuring your website speaks to both search engines and your Swiss audience effectively. Utilizing advanced SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Botify through our partner Foxglove Partners, we conduct comprehensive keyword research, digital demand analysis, and on-page optimization to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Leveraging the best SEO tools and technologies

In our arsenal, we have the latest in SEO tools and technologies designed to give you an edge in organic search. From technical SEO audits using Screaming Frog to content optimization with AI SEO Tools, our toolset is at the forefront of SEO innovation. These tools enable us to identify opportunities, optimize your website’s structure, and ensure your content ranks for the right keywords on Switzerland’s & Europe’s Seach Engines (mainly Google & Bing).

Deploy a full SEO strategy from A to Z

We do everything in-house: from technical on page SEO to be correctly indexed on Search Engine, to Content SEO to be competitve on the most relevant keywords for your business, we well as Netlinking to boost your domain authority.

We also remain at the top of the latest Google Search algorithm updates and even the up-coming SGE (Search Generative Experience), using AI in Seach Engine direct answers.

Expertise in Tracking, Google Analytics, and GDPR/nLPD Compliance

Our SEO campaigns are built on a foundation of meticulous tracking and analysis. We leverage Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor your site’s performance, track user behavior, and adjust our strategies for maximum impact. Our expertise extends to ensuring all our SEO practices are GDPR compliant, respecting the privacy of your audience while optimizing your online presence.

The Z Digital Agency SEO Advantage

Choosing Z Digital Agency as your SEO partner in Switzerland means gaining a team that’s not just skilled in SEO but also deeply understands the Swiss digital ecosystem, as well as other European SEO markets like France and Germany.

  • Top tools: from Ahrefs and Screaming Frogs to Botify for large website
  • Top expertise: every project we do includes SEO. We have done 400+ digital projects in the past years
  • Top involvment: we put SEO ot the heart of your strategy, before we even build any website, a full analysis, audit and Digital Demand Analysis are carried out.

Our strategies are designed not just for search engines but for your Swiss audience, blending technical optimization with content that engages and converts. Our commitment to transparency, innovation, and compliance ensures your SEO strategy is both effective and ethical.

Ready to improve your SEO?

Pick the relevant SEO agency services we offer or let the ZDA Team handle
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Some of our SEO Agency experts

Meet our senior experts, leading the SEO agency in the ZDA collective

Looking for a SEO Agency that delivers in Switzerland, France and Germany ?

Get a full team among 40+ experts, as a flexible task force for your SEO Agency for Switzerland, for on average the cost of a single employee. We adapt our SEO strategies to your actual needs, we build the right tools and campaigns, then we track everything. It is in our entrepreneurial DNA. Tell us about your SEO needs, we will first craft a strategic plan with you, then you’re free to do it with us, or on your own. Flexible, entrepreneurial and results-oriented, we said.

Our SEO (search engine optimization) trainings

You’d like to handle your SEO in-house ? No problem, let us train your team on the latest SEO best practices, no blabla, only a tailored SEO training for your company.

Online Courses

Our courses provide a shortcut to best practices for SEO analysis and optimization and introduce you to the most important tools for SEO.

Courses for Content Creation

Our content creation courses provide hands-on training tailored to your needs, led by industry experts to help you achieve success in the digital landscape.


Well you’re in good company…

You are one call away from starting a great (SEO) story

Each SEO mission starts with a free audit session, to ready understand if we are the best to answer your needs.

3 locations for our SEO Agency: Switzerland, France, Germany