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Digital trainings with a top digital agency in Switzerland & Europe

We have built several companies, now we train companies with the latest digital best practices. Whether you need a SEO course, marketing course or AI course, we create a tailored online training for you, with 2 later follow up sessions on your project.

Online digital courses and training for entrepreneurs and marketers
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Online digital courses and training for entrepreneurs and marketers

What online digital courses do you provide?

These are our areas of digital expertise. Get an online or an offline training tailored for you or your team.

Past clients can testify about our courses & trainings

Select your training above and jump in a quick call to design your perfect digital training.

Our Digital Training process

Not only do we tailor our trainings, we also do follow-ups with your team.


Understand your needs and define the best training

During a 30 min meeting, free of charge, we tailor the best training and select the best trainer for your actual needs.

We also decide if you want the training online or offline.


Give your team the right course and tools

Even if we tailor the training duration based on your level and goals, we recommend to start with 2 half days, and increase later on. We will provide you with the hands-on training, the content and our best tools as well ! Lots of shortcuts for you.


Two follow-up sessions

When the training is done, the real work starts. We all know questions and difficulties come when you start doing. Therefore we generally plan 2 follow up sessions with you at critical project milestones, to help, review and provide you advanced training where necessary.


Create a Feedback Loop

When the training is over, we collect feedbacks from you, to improve our trainings, but also to assist you in any other form with knowledge, tools and even do-it-for you execution.

You always get a full lifetime access to our templates and tools, regularly updated.


Check some clients’ missions & trainings

Still have some questions?

Let us answer some classic questions about our web and marketing trainings

How much does a training cost ?

Since it is tailored to your needs, it may varies. But you want real numbers ?

Our training start most of the time around 1400€ / CHF, for 2 half-days + 2 follow-up sessions.

Do you have a money-back guarantee ?

Yes absolutely ! If you think the training was not at the level you were expecting, we fully reimburse you, based on your detailed feedback.

We are value-oriented, because we are entrepreneurs.

Who can attend your digital trainings ?

Everybody. From beginner to advanced experts, we will tailor our approach.

For individuals who cannot afford our agency services, we offer an alternative: being trained by our experts, to do it by yourself, and get follow up sessions with the team to check and help at specific project milestones.

For teams who want to reach the next level in marketing and web techniques, we provide a group session, tailored to your needs and projects, with a very hands-on approach.

You are one call away from investing in yourself.

Let us tailor the right training for you or your team, online or offline, by filling our form.

Most of our trainings are online, but we can provide offline training sessions in the following countries: Switzerland, France, Germany.