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Benjie of Switzerland

SEO Agency services

Digital Demand Analysis
product pages optimized
social media managed

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Growth hacking agency for a Swiss children’s shoe brand

From SEO optimization of the e-commerce website, to social media communication strategy and paid advertising.

SEO agency for the Swiss market

  • SEO optimisation work of the e-commerce website product pages.
  • SEO agency work on keywords analysis.
  • Content creation agency work to develop Benjie of Switzerland brand and explain its values.

Social media communication agency

  • Paid advertising work on Google and Facebook campaigns.
  • Work on Social Media communication strategy
  • Social media community management.

They’ve trusted us as their SEO Agency

Why should you work with Z Digital Agency’s team ?

Green-GO Digital Silvio Cibien, CEO

Why Z Digital Agency? Just because they are THE Digital Agency. A great team, always responsive, efficient, quick . In 2 years we have achieved a significant presence on the rights social medias, plus a great marketing support, advertisements, videos, booth design … you name it! ZDA? They deliver!

Benjie of Switzerland Julien Kervio, co-owner

We've worked with 4 experts from ZDigital, in SEO, community management, FB / Google Ads and on adaptations of the site in Swiss German. We've collaborated in many different ways, from project management to coaching and even knowledge transfer. These 2 phrases sum up the strength of the ZDigital concept: everything is possible, everything is flexible! The fact that we can rely on a large network of experts, all working in close cooperation, makes all kinds of bridges possible. You've got a problem, you tell your contact person, who then puts you in touch with the right person in the collective... it's great!


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3 locations: Switzerland, France, Germany