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Your task force from A to Z, discover a unique digital agency: web development branding & design SEO Paid Advertising Content Creation AI solutions digital marketing digital strategy startup studio

We are a collective of 40+ entrepreneurs. We’ve build our own businesses, now we build the right team among our senior experts, to accelerate each phase of your digital project. No junior, no powerpoint, ROI focused.

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Your unique all-in-one digital agency in Switzerland and Europe.

senior experts
Web projects created

One team
for all digital aspects

What can Z Digital Agency do for me?


We collectively think growth is about aligning all planets and data. Simply doing ads or web development won’t bring you sustainable or rapid growth.

Therefore we build a flexible team from the collective of senior entrepreneurs, to take care of your digital growth from A to Z, for the cost of a single team member.

Our digital agency services,

(stuff we really like doing)

How does Z Digital Agency work?

Grow your company with a fully specialized & flexible team of 40+ entrepreneurs, acting as a task force for your digital growth, for the average cost of 1 FTE.


Do you already have a great product or simply an idea ?

We build a flexible team among 40+ experts, a strategic plan and data to back it up.


We build for you or with you

We help you with each step: web dev, SEO, ads, designs, contents… becoming your digital task force.


We measure and iterate

We track everything, and we strive when being accountable. We work with objectives and ROI.


We train your team

We help you grow and train your team to leave you with in-house capabilities… and fly to the next mission.

Do you need only a specific help ? We can also come at any point in your process. Whether your former agency let you down, you don’t have any tracking or you just need to train your team…
We are flexible we said.

Who is behind this unique
collective agency?

ZDA was created in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs to offer a one swiss-knife team of only senior experts to small and large companies in Switzerland and Europe. We are now 40+ entrepreneurs, with a strong track-record.

We believe growth is about aligning all digital planets and data, not just doing Ads or a nice website.

Can we trust Z Collective ?

With 100+ clients, only senior experts and 100% of word-of-mouth recommendations, you’re in good company…

Is Z Digital Agency affordable ?

You get on average a team of 5 experts for the cost of 1 employee, with no strings attached, to build faster, better and … at the end cheaper.

For 1 person full-time

You get a full flexible team
of senior entrepreneurs

Do you need concrete numbers ?

We start to really bring value with budgets from 5’000 CHF/€ per month, with no strings attached.

We strictly focus on maximizing your ROI

No politics. No power points.

We believe in data and sustainable growth. If it can be done better and cheaper, we will tell you, make it for you, or train you.

On average we reach 10x on Return On Ads Spent (ROAS).

On average we stay 2.5 years with our clients, until we’ve fully trained them

On average we are 2x cheaper than doing it in house, due to speed and size of such an expert team.

What if I prefer to handle growth in-house?


If you cannot afford our collective work (yet), or if your company wants to handle everything in-house but needs actionnable knowledge to start: we have a solution for you, Z trainings.

Get you or your team trained on-demand, with a custom digital course of your choice with the latest expertise (no therory, real practice) + 2 follow-up sessions to check on your progress and train your further during the first 2 project milestones.

What are our 100+ clients saying about Z Digital Agency since 2018?

On average clients stay with us 3+ years. We build long term relationships and long-term growth, while maximizing ROI.

Still have some questions?

Thanks for reading until here… we should get in a call then.

Where do you work ?

Our team is based all over Europe. We wanted the best experts in their field, we’ve partnered with former startups and scale-ups CEOs we admired, therefore we let them work freely wherever they are. We are a remote digital agency, but we meet our clients personally at least 2 to 3 times a year.

Our main office locations are in Switzerland, France and Germany. Our clients are in 5 countries. We mainly focus on Switzerland and Europe.

Who do you work with?

Our favorite client type is an SME with 5 to 500 employees, or a team of investors coming with a project from scratch for our startup studio. That is where we shine.

For clients with little budget (less than 5K €/CHF per month), we organize training tailored to their needs 1 2 follow-up sessions, instead of building a complete team for them.

As a digital agency, we do work with all types of industries, as long as they are not banned from Google Ads networks. We do not offer growth services for gambling, pharmaceutical or weapon industries for instance. Crypto-currencies companies are reviewed on a case by case basis.

What does all-in-one digital agency mean?

We are NOT outsourcing any work to well-know cheaper countries and managing them. We do everything in-house, by recruiting top european senior experts and former entrepreneurs, to cover all aspects of a company growth, from tech, web dev to content and branding. We lead each project with a team leader, your only point of contact with the full team, that is also evolving at each project phase.

When a new technology or best practices emerges, we recruit or train the best team members on real projects, to remain state-of-the-art. Believe us it is a lot of work. We spend on average 25% of our time, only for training.

You are one call away from starting a great story

Every mission starts with a free audit session, after a first call, to really understand if we are the best to answer your needs.

Want to meet in person?

3 locations: Switzerland, France, Germany.