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Z Digital Agency

An international collective of 40+ entrepreneurs and CEOs, acting as a task force for digital strategy.
We bring our experience and entrepreneurial techniques to help businesses with great products or services to grow faster in the digital world.
Why a collective digital agency ?
Freedom. Our digital agency based in Switzerland, gathered the best international talents made of CEOs and Entrepreneurs who proved it.
Authenticity. We remain true to our human values of excellency and efficiency, like for our own companies.
Entrepreneurial mindset. No Power Points, but a unique digital strategy that we execute, not only talk about.
A complete toolbox. With 40+ members, the collective has cutting-edge technological knowledge to provide the best, fastest and cheapest solutions for digital strategy challenges.

We give first.

Our first analysis (based on interviews with your team) and recommendation plan is free. Then you decide whether Z Digital Agency will execute it.
Our price ? A flat fee and then a performance reward if you decide we did a good job.
Our digital agency services
E-commerce Growth
From PR to Client Acquisition, we work with you to develop your offer, make it known and scale your sales pipeline management.
We also build prototype application and websites to test new sales channels.
Digital Marketing
How to sell more online ?
From growth hacking to content marketing, we build and automatize your digital marketing reach. For Social entrepreneurs & companies, we develop innovative digital business models and help you grow your impact.
Digital Innovation
From blockchain innovation to building innovation processes to unlock your teams. We build, test and launch, while onboarding your employees along the way. Digital transformation for mid and large companies.
Digital Strategy
What digital strategy for growth?
What are the failing processes preventing your company from unlocking real digital growth?
What platforms & sales channels for your digital strategy? We onboard your team in the solution design and implementation.
Digital Strategy Consulting Switzerland
What does block
your teams ?
What are your
digital processes?
How does your team
innovate ?
Z Digital Agency is donation based. No fixed invoices, get the hours worked and donate. Our way to also provide value to social entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Previous Projects

With a dozen companies created, tens of teams managed and hundreds of digital projects, our team can ask you the right questions, observe your environment and implement the right solutions with you. Like entrepreneurs.
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Observe Teams
Our methodology onboards your teams. We observe how they function. We improve and build with them.

We spend between few hours and few days with your team to study their processes and tools, to help them work better and grow with the company.  

Design solutions
We ask many questions and focus on one specific problem. Then we create a tailored and iterative solution to be tested.

Most of the team will work remote to build and test a potential solution. We do not have the answer for everything, but we are very good at designing or looking for it.

Automate Processes
Our solutions can be improved with your teams and automatized to scale your business. We leave when the initial problem is fixed.

We do not only deliver powerpoints, we deliver a working solution, implemented with your team. They get training from us, we process and automatize, like for a startup.

our team,

We are friends. We are entrepreneurs and CEOs. We wanted to work together, bringing value, when and where it is possible.

Z Digital Agency talks with the CXOs and employees involved in the issue you are trying to fix. Based on the scope and the competencies required, we build the team and coordinate.

The perfect setup to get the job done.

Why do your company should have a digital consultant ? After all you’ve been doing quite well without us, right?

Because it is hard to take a step back when you lead the daily business (we do the same) to think strategy. Because it is hard to always remain cutting-edge in your industry. Because we are affordable, while mistakes are costly in time and money. Because you need ad hoc resources to proof the technologies, train the team and automatize certain processes, just for a period of time.

Timothee Bardet digital strategy consultant switzerland§
Timothee Bardet
Founder Wiine.me, Digital Strategy
Cyril Lapinte - Z Digital Agency
Cyril Lapinte
CTO at SMEx, Blockchain Specialist
Camille Bossel - Z Digital Agency
Camille Bossel
Co-Founder OneRoof Agency
Frederic Duperier - Z Digital Agency
Frederic Duperier
Founder WeAreOne, Technical Lead
thibaut lemaire z digital agency
Thibaut Lemaire
Director Net Design, Digital Strategist
Gabrielle Lods - Z Digital Agency
Gabrielle Lods
Founder Green Condom, Collaboration Specialist
Antoine Mathys - Z Digital Agency
Antoine Mathys
Serial entrepreneur, Experience Architect
Cedric Waldburger Z digital Agency
Cedric Waldburger
Parallel Entrepreneur, Founder of Sendtask.io
Ama El Alami - Z digital Agency
Amal El Alami
Sensecube Mentor, Communication Specialist
Florian Eberhart - Z Digital Agency
Florian Eberhart
Founder StartYourSales, Sales Trainer
alexis Moeckli - Z digital agency
Alexis Moeckli
Founder BusinessIn.ch, Entrepreneur
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our services and skills

The team is a mix of CEOs and Entrepreneurs with a real expertise in Product Management, Digital Marketing (from growth hacking to content marketing), Sales (we have an extensive network of B2B and B2C clients) and programming (PHP, Ruby, Java, SaaS infra…).

Product Strategy
Digital Marketing
Business Development
  • Freelancer
  • CEO
  • Entrepreneur
News & digital Tips

We travel and meet hundreds of experts and entrepreneurs every year. Our culture: constant learning, minimalism and digital nomadism.
Even if the team is constantly remote we share the same vision: bring value, improve and train.
The blog details some use cases and some lifestyle experiences we are conducting.

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