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NetGuardian is a Swiss based FinTech company offering behavioral risk-prevention solutions for financial institutions.

Z Digital Agency manager, Timothee Bardet, wanted to interview Net Guardian founder and COO Raffael Maio, because this highly innovative and worldwide startup uses machine learning technologies to beat fraud and automate compliance, two of the current biggest investments for our financial clients as well.

What is your current vision of the fraud detection industry? And in 10 years?

Today, the fight against the fraudsters is like a cat and mouse game. In the market, we observe many vendors that are based on static and ruled-based solutions that remain inefficient in this game. Fraudsters get more and more organized, sophisticated and they come up with new fraud scenarios. Therefore only through solutions such as machine learning technologies we can find a way out of this cat and mouse game. Today we’re seeing more and more of those solutions and in 10 years machine learning and artificial intelligence will be at the core of fraud detection.

What is the differentiation strategy of NetGuardians compared with alternative technologies?

One of the differentiation strategies of NetGuardians relies on the problem stated above. We address fraud detection through non-static and dynamic machine learning technology. Secondly, we’ve a proactive approach to fraud, meaning that we analyze suspicious human behaviors and financial transactions to predict upcoming frauds before they happen. Third, we are a specialist FinTech company and our solutions specifically cater the fraud challenges of the banking industry. Last but not least, we’ve a marketplace of more than 300 controls. These controls are continuously updated; banks don’t buy a static solution, but rather an ever-growing one where they can always download the latest anti-fraud controls. A bit like downloading the latest update from the app store.

What is the digital strategy of NetGuardians to get its technology adopted by companies?

We believe in the power of our community, insightful content, and thought leadership. We often organize thought leadership webinars, share valuable articles on a regular basis on our blog, publish white papers and eBooks and interact with our community online. Don’t hesitate to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

What is the biggest challenge for NetGuardians right now?

Headhunting. As the number of projects grows, we continuously recruit new talents to grow our team and sustain the high-quality service we provide to our clients.