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Protonmail is a Swiss based company offering fully end-to-end encrypted email service.

Z Digital Agency manager, Timothee Bardet, wanted to interview Andy Yen, CEO of Protonmail, because this startup is leading the fight for security and privacy for digital communications. One of the key digital challenge over the next decades.

From Snowden 4 years ago to today, people have been starting realizing what are the threats to their private conversations. What is your current vision of the emailing industry?

We believe that as the internet matures and more and more of our personal data goes to the “cloud”, we will see a bigger focus on privacy and security in the coming decade, and more demand from both consumers and businesses for more privacy.

What is the differentiation strategy of Protonmail compared with existing secure emailing technologies?

We have two major differences. First, we use a much stronger form of encryption known as end-to-end encryption which means that even us, as the service provider, doesn’t have the ability to read the messages of our users. Secondly, we have made encryption easy to use, in that there is no end user training or learning required before they can use encryption. The encryption in ProtonMail happens automatically and transparently. Literally your grandmother could use it.

Your customers are suggesting a lot of product features on your networks, how do you handle product management?

We engage with the community frequently and see what features they are demanding. The ones that are asked for a lot we always build.

After your crowdfunding campaign, what is the digital strategy of Protonmail for adoption by private users and even companies?

We focus a lot on educating the public about the perils of mass surveillance and the need for better privacy and security in the digital age. We believe that education is the first step in bringing about the transformational changes that are needed to secure the world’s digital future.

What is your biggest challenge with Protonmail right now?

It’s the same as with any fast growing company, which is that we have scaling challenges.


Thanks Andy for the interview, and good luck for your growth!

Education as a digital strategy is indeed a good point. The digital transformation consulting missions we have carried out all started with education, both for clients and employees. Bring value first.

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