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Lucile Chanteloup

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Lucile Chanteloup is a graphic designer

Lucile Chanteloup, a 26-year-old illustrator from the Guérande peninsula in France, has been captivated by the power of images since childhood. Her artistic journey began in Berlin in 2019, and she now creates from her studio in Paris, occasionally retreating to the Atlantic Ocean for inspiration.

What are the expertise areas of Lucile Chanteloup?

Lucile’s work, characterized by bright yet soft colors and rounded shapes, aims to spread optimism, evoke smiles, brighten days, and emphasize the importance of generosity towards each other and nature.

Her creative repertoire includes digital design, acrylic painting, and ink drawing. For printing, she favors artisanal and eco-friendly methods such as risography, silkscreen, and linocut.