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Olivier Job

SEO Expert at Z Digital Agency

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e-commerce technologies
e-commerce technologies

Founder of Foxglove Partners, Olivier is an SEO master

I’m the founder and CEO of Foxglove-Partner, the #1 SEO expert agency for growing your natural traffic healthily and thus lowering your traffic acquisition costs. I created this agency in 2018 with the conviction that SEO is the most cost-effective and sustainable lever for generating qualified traffic and building loyalty among your visitors.

With over 10 years’ experience in SEO, I’ve helped numerous customers in a variety of sectors, such as travel, e-commerce, or media, to optimize their websites and increase their visibility on search engines. I’m certified in Customer Centric Selling (CCS) and Botify, two leading SEO tools. I’m also passionate about entrepreneurship, startups and growth hacking, and like to share my knowledge and tips on these subjects.

What are the expertise areas of Olivier Job?

SEO Expert, CEO of Foxglove Partners, leading SEO Agency.