Digital Marketing Consulting
A team of entrepreneurs and CEOs to improve your digital marketing strategy.
From content marketing to inbound digital marketing loops,
we test, iterate and train your teams.
Content Marketing Strategy
Build qualified traffic par channel:
- Step 1: Setup the keyword ecosystem
- Step 2: Build & optimize the marketing contents
- Step 3: Test conversion loops
- Step 4: Build a Relationship Engine
We created more than 500+ contents.
Inbound Marketing Automation
How to get more traffic and convert better?
Step 1: Design for the traffic sources
Step 2: Design multi-steps conversion loops
Step 3: Test each loops
Step 4: Optimize the funnel
Increase Sales
Build a Sales engine in B2B or B2C:
Step 1: Setup the right tools for lead management
Step 2: Develop growth partnerships
Step 3: Develop your sales loops
Step 4: Optimize your audience
Step 5: Test upselling loops
Do you want to build a lasting content marketing strategy?
Do you want to create inbound marketing automation?
Do you want to grow your sales by improving the engine?
Our Digital Marketing Team and skills

Each member of the team is at least a one-time entrepreneur. We have worked on digital marketing for dozens of companies. We developed a methodology to build digital marketing engines, no magic.
Remember we are donation based, so no BS, we focus on the impact.
We think it is the future of work.

Content Marketing
Inbound Digital Marketing
Sales growth engines B2B
News reaction marketing
  • Freelancer
  • CEO
  • Entrepreneur
Companies founded
Digital Marketing Campaigns launched
Content marketing articles & videos
Websites created

Digital Marketing Strategy and execution is where success and failure happen. Our team did it more than 50 times for their own companies. We simply came up with a methodology for digital marketing strategy.
Our focus? Product market fit, then design and test inbound and outbound marketing loops. We also have great B2B sales and marketing specialist, train teams all over Europe.

Why should you hire digital marketing consultants? There is plenty of tips and tricks out there, right ?

Well efficient digital marketing comes from methodology, testing and training

Our digital marketing “consultants” are all entrepreneurs and CEOs, who understand already your market. They will design the tests and loops with your team.

Timothee Bardet digital strategy consultant switzerland§
Timothee Bardet
Founder, Digital Strategy
Cyril Lapinte - Z Digital Agency
Cyril Lapinte
CTO at SMEx, Blockchain Specialist
Camille Bossel - Z Digital Agency
Camille Bossel
Co-Founder OneRoof Agency
Frederic Duperier - Z Digital Agency
Frederic Duperier
Founder WeAreOne, Technical Lead
thibaut lemaire z digital agency
Thibaut Lemaire
Director Net Design, Digital Strategist
Gabrielle Lods - Z Digital Agency
Gabrielle Lods
Founder Green Condom, Collaboration Specialist
Antoine Mathys - Z Digital Agency
Antoine Mathys
Serial entrepreneur, Experience Architect
Cedric Waldburger Z digital Agency
Cedric Waldburger
Parallel Entrepreneur, Founder of
Ama El Alami - Z digital Agency
Amal El Alami
Sensecube Mentor, Communication Specialist
Florian Eberhart - Z Digital Agency
Florian Eberhart
Founder StartYourSales, Sales Trainer
alexis Moeckli - Z digital agency
Alexis Moeckli
Founder, Entrepreneur
Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks

We often write about our own digital marketing experiences at our own companies. Read some of our digital marketing strategies in several industries.

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