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Delphine Guinamard

Department leader for HubSpot Agency services

Years of experience
professionals trained
blog articles written
CRM platforms implemented

Delphine is a Team Leader, a CRM, SEO & Content Marketing expert

Currently managing a full range of experts at Z Digital Agency to create impact for SMEs on the following topics: Web Development, CRM, SEO, Paid acquisition, & Content Marketing. An all-in-one collective, founded by entrepreneurs, leading digital growth for B2B and B2C companies in Europe, with a very transparent and entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Digital strategy, implementation, trainings.
  • In the digital world since 2007 I have developed a broad range of digital skills by running my own e-commerce website for 8 years.
  • 9 years experience in Sales Management and 7 years experience in Sales Training, with a strong customer relationship culture.
  • Experience with complex processes and organizations of small and large companies.
  • Certified HubSpot solutions partner.

What are the expertise areas of Delphine Guinamard?

Team leader at Z Digital Agency, as well as Department leader for HubSpot agency services.