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Max Andresson

Expert in Digital Marketing at Z Digital Agency

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e-commerce technologies
e-commerce technologies

Max Andersson, CEO of Simba in Geneva, is a business entrepreneur with a vision

With 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Max excels in navigating online business growth. His keen problem-solving and proficiency in developing efficient systems help businesses optimize and scale. His experience spans continents—from Scandinavia and Berlin to Australia—augmenting his entrepreneurial expertise and marketing savvy.

As the guiding hand of Simba Digital for the past five years, he has spearheaded campaigns for over a hundred diverse businesses, gaining a deep understanding of successful marketing strategies. His entrepreneurial passion drives his business to robust annual growth and his tenacious team of 10 towards shared visions.

Multicultural by nature, tech enthusiast by choice, he’s an open-minded cinephile, reader, sci-fi and sports fan. He thrives on new connections and discussions about entrepreneurship, marketing, or business growth.

What are the expertise areas of Max Andersson?

Digital marketing experts with a strong focus on paid advertising and marketing strategy agency services.