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Your growth hacking agency,
run by expert entrepreneurs.

Ready to take your business to the next level? At ZDA, we specialise in growth hacking strategies that deliver real results. Our team of entrepreneurs have built a Growth Hacking Experiment Methodology over the years. Let’s work together to make your brand shine and grow like never before!

Growth hacking agency switzerland
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Growth hacking agency switzerland

What’s growth hacking and why it matters

Growth hacking is a marketing technique focused on quickly experimenting with various strategies to identify the most effective ways to grow a business. Unlike traditional marketing, growth hacking emphasises creativity, analytical thinking, and innovative tactics to achieve rapid and scalable growth. It involves testing different approaches across multiple channels, analysing the results, and continuously refining methods to maximise performance and drive significant growth in a short period.

Core strategies used by ZDA growth hacking team

At ZDA, our growth hacking team employs a mix of innovative and data-driven strategies to accelerate your business growth. We focus on targeted user acquisition, viral marketing, and A/B testing to optimise every aspect of your marketing funnel. By leveraging advanced analytics, creative content, and social media tactics, we identify and scale the most effective approaches to drive rapid and sustainable growth. Our core strategies are designed to maximise your ROI and ensure your brand reaches its full potential.

Unleashing your potential: Accelerating business growth with growth hacking

We specialise in unlocking your business’s full potential through advanced growth hacking techniques. Our approach focuses on rapidly testing and implementing innovative strategies to identify the most effective ways to scale your business.

We get really creative during our Growth Hypothesis Brainstorm and we build our growth experiments, backed by data.


Let the ZDA Team handle your growth hacking strategy

Our growth hacking experts within the digital strategy agency

Meet our senior experts, leading the digital strategy department of ZDA

Our other digital strategy agency services

From growth hacking to due diligence, we handle your tech & marketing growth, from A to Z.

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Growth Strategy

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Looking for a growth hacking agency that delivers results?

Get a full team among 40+ experts, as a flexible task force for your growth hacking requirements, for on average the cost of a single employee. We adapt our growth hacking strategies to your actual needs, we build the right tools and campaigns, then we track everything. It is in our entrepreneurial DNA. Tell us about your growth hacking needs, we will first craft a strategic plan with you, then you’re free to do it with us, or on your own. Flexible, entrepreneurial and results-oriented, we said.

Our growth hacking trainings

You’d like to handle your growth hacking in-house? No problem! let us train your team on the latest Growth Hacking best practices and strategies.


Well, you’re in good company…

You are one call away from starting a great story

Every mission we take is starting with a free audit session, to ready understand if we are the best to answer your needs

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