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Digital due Diligence for investors and VCs, by a top agency.

A web agency specialized in Digital Due Diligence for funds, investors, and VCs, to really know what they are investing in. We are entrepreneurs, we know what to look for.

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Digital strategy agency Switzerland France Germany

What is digital due diligence?

Digital due diligence is a comprehensive evaluation of a digital business or software company’s assets, practices, and capabilities, aiming to uncover the true value and potential risks associated with an investment. This process is crucial for investors, venture capitalists, and funds who need to ensure that the digital and technological aspects of the target company align with their investment criteria and expectations. Digital due diligence examines various factors including technological infrastructure, software quality, cybersecurity measures, compliance with regulations, and the digital readiness of the company to scale and adapt in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

What are the key steps of a digital due diligence (KPIs, code audit, and scalability)?

The key steps in digital due diligence involve a thorough assessment of the target company’s digital health and potential for growth. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are analyzed to gauge the company’s performance and market position, assessing metrics like user growth rate, customer retention rates, and revenue per user. A code audit is conducted to evaluate the quality, security, and maintainability of the software, ensuring that there are no hidden defects or vulnerabilities that could pose risks post-investment. Lastly, scalability is scrutinized to determine whether the company’s technology stack, architecture, and systems are robust enough to support future growth without significant additional investment.

Why investors need a digital due diligence for software companies?

Investors require digital due diligence for software companies to mitigate risks and validate the technological and operational foundations of their potential investments. Software companies are heavily reliant on their technological assets, and any shortcomings in this area can pose significant financial and operational risks. Digital due diligence helps investors understand the technical debt, software scalability, compliance with data protection laws, and the overall technological competency of the company.

Due diligence for SaaS companies

Due Diligence for SaaS companies are critical to evaluate the technological and operational aspects of a software-as-a-service business before investment or acquisition. This process includes assessing the company’s software architecture, security protocols, scalability, and compliance with relevant regulations. It also involves reviewing the codebase, data handling practices, intellectual property, and customer agreements. Additionally, examining the company’s financial health, with real computed MRR/ARR KPIs mixed with customer satisfaction, and market position is crucial. The goal is to identify potential risks, ensure the technology aligns with business objectives, and confirm the company’s ability to sustain growth and innovation.

Due diligence for SaaS companies investors

For investors in SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, digital due diligence is particularly critical due to the subscription-based nature of these businesses. This examination focuses on the software’s architecture and infrastructure to ensure it can handle continuous deliveries and updates, the efficiency of the cloud services used, customer churn rates, and the strength of data security measures. Assessing these elements provides a clear picture of the company’s operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and long-term viability, which are pivotal for sustaining recurring revenue streams.

At our agency, we specialize in providing expert insights on navigating digital risks and opportunities through meticulous digital due diligence for investors in software companies. Our in-depth analysis helps uncover the essential aspects that determine a software company’s potential for success and growth, empowering our clients to make confident, well-informed investment decisions. Let us help you really know what you are investing in with our comprehensive digital due diligence services.


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