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What is server-side tracking via Google Tag Manager?

Server-side tracking via Google Tag Manager (GTM) represents a significant evolution in how data is collected and processed by websites and online platforms. Unlike traditional client-side tracking, which relies on JavaScript running in the user’s browser, server-side tracking processes data on the server, reducing the load on the user’s device and enhancing data security. This method improves data accuracy, limits third-party cookie tracking issues, and provides a more stable and reliable analytics framework. Z Digital Agency integrates server-side GTM to help businesses achieve a cleaner, more compliant way to gather insightful user data while adhering to privacy regulations.

Why is server-side tracking now so important for e-commerce and websites?

In the modern digital landscape, especially post-GDPR and with increasing privacy concerns, server-side tracking has become crucial for maintaining user trust and legal compliance. For e-commerce and websites, this means enhanced performance, better user experience, and decreased reliance on browsers for data handling. Server-side tracking offers a robust defense against ad-blocking technologies and enhances data privacy by limiting exposure to third parties. At Z Digital Agency, we emphasize the importance of server-side tracking to secure and streamline how data is handled, ensuring that our clients can focus on growth without compromising on compliance or user experience.

How does Z Digital Agency install server-side tracking?

At Z Digital Agency, our installation process for server-side tracking is meticulous and tailored to each client’s specific needs. We begin with a comprehensive audit of your existing digital environment to ensure seamless integration with Google Tag Manager.

Performance & Compliance

Our team then designs a custom implementation plan that includes migrating tags from client-side to server-side, setting up a secure server environment, and configuring data streams to ensure they are processed correctly. Throughout this process, we provide full transparency and ongoing support to ensure that your server-side tracking is optimized for both performance and compliance.

What are the key elements to pay attention to when installing server-side tracking?

When implementing server-side tracking, several key elements are critical for success. First is the secure configuration of the server itself, which must be robust enough to handle sensitive data safely. Data integrity is paramount, so ensuring that no data is lost during the transfer from client-side to server-side is a focus. Additionally, compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and nLPD must be strictly adhered to throughout the setup. At Z Digital Agency, we also prioritize scalability and flexibility in our server-side implementations, allowing for future adjustments as your business needs evolve and as regulatory landscapes change.

As Switzerland’s leading agency for server-side Google Tag Manager tracking, Z Digital Agency is dedicated to delivering advanced, compliant, and highly effective tracking solutions that protect user data and enhance site performance. Let us help you navigate the complexities of modern web analytics with a solution tailored to your unique challenges and goals.


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