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Expert Technical Due Diligence and Code Audits for SaaS in Switzerland and Europe

Your agency partner for Technical Due Diligence. Code and product audit, for SaaS and complex digital products, in Switzerland and Europe

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What is technical due diligence?

Technical due diligence is a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s technical assets, including software architecture, code quality, security protocols, and infrastructure. Its purpose is to assess the technical health of a company, identifying risks and opportunities that could impact investment decisions. For investors and companies considering mergers or acquisitions, especially within the SaaS and digital product sectors, technical due diligence ensures that there are no hidden surprises post-transaction that could affect the value or operational capability of the technology in question.

What is the process of Z Digital Agency technical audits for web and tech solutions?

At Z Digital Agency, our technical audit process is designed to be thorough and transparent, ensuring our clients gain a deep understanding of their technological investments. Our audits begin with a review of the software’s architecture to evaluate its scalability and robustness. We then delve into code quality and consistency, utilizing static and dynamic analysis tools to identify any potential issues. Security assessments are integral to our process, where we check for vulnerabilities and compliance with best practices. Finally, we assess the operational deployment of technologies to ensure they are optimized for performance and reliability.

Why do you need an agency for technical due diligence?

Technical due diligence is complex and requires specialized knowledge that typically goes beyond the expertise found within most investment firms or internal IT teams. An experienced agency like Z Digital Agency brings a level of depth in the analysis that ensures all technical aspects are thoroughly evaluated.

Forecasting into the future

This not only includes checking current tech and code health but also forecasting potential future challenges and alignment with industry standards. Utilizing an agency ensures that the due diligence is unbiased and rigorous, providing peace of mind that the technology assessed will support rather than hinder business objectives.

Buying a software company, the top 5 things to know

When buying a software company, consider these top five aspects: 1) Quality of the Codebase – Ensure the code is clean, maintainable, and scalable. 2) Technical Debt – Assess any corners that were cut which may require remedial work. 3) Security Posture – Understand the security measures in place and any potential vulnerabilities. 4) Compliance and Licensing – Verify compliance with legal standards and proper licensing of all third-party components. 5) Future-proofing – Evaluate whether the technology stack used is modern and capable of adapting to future technological advancements.

Z Digital Agency provides in-depth analysis and actionable insights across these areas, ensuring you make a fully informed investment decision.


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