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Jad Abouzeid

Production Designer and Manager at Z Digital Agency

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Jad has been passionately crafting digital content since his early youth

  • Experienced team player with a long history in web management & design.
  • Fluent in English, French and Arabic, also learning Portuguese.
  • Skilled in various areas ranging from content creation to website development, e-commerce management and digital marketing.
  • A versatile image/video editor, proficient in most software & AI tools, providing all your digital needs in a timely fashion.
  • Strong artistic and organizational sense with a Master’s degree focused in Visual Communications & Marketing.

As the Production Designer, Jad is responsible for turning design concepts into tangible products, whether that’s a print advertisement, a website, a product prototype, or any other design deliverable. His role is to ensure that every intricate detail, from color accuracy to pixel-perfect alignment, is executed flawlessly.

What are the expertise areas of Jad Abouzeid?

A versatile team member with strong design, communication & managerial skills